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Customer service has always been a critical aspect of any business. Outsourcing your company’s voice support service negates the need for in-house capabilities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies besides enhancing your productivity and collaboration. Due to our thorough understanding of unified collaboration environments and their applications, we deliver high standard voice support services to our clients.

Voice Support

Call Center
Customer Service
Technical Support
Healthcare BPO Service

We offer various services like – inbound call center services, outbound call center services, telemarketing services, and technical support services. Our call center gives you the best quality of BPO services including reduced handling time as well as a quick resolution to customer queries.

Inbound services range from answering customer queries about the
product or services to providing them the resolution to the various
challenges they face with the services.

Our outbound services involve calling existing or prospective customers of a business. These calls are usually for the purpose of generating sales, selling subscriptions or customer retention.

Augmenting customer experience to win clients is re-emerging as the epicenter of every business strategy. It is also one of our most important functions. With the use of trained, certified team and leading technology at WeDes, you can be rest assured our customer service outsourcing services will provide a boost to your sales. We offer a cost-effective way to generate new leads, answer customer queries and help resolve customer issues.

This is a dynamic way to market and sell your products by contacting
prospect customers and informing them of the features and benefits of your company’s products and services.

Technical support services can act as an IT helpdesk to for customers to resolve their core technical issues regarding various products and services. With an increasing base of technology users worldwide, this service is a key towards keeping your customers satisfied and retained.

Help Desk (Non-Voice) Services

In the fast paced world of today, you as a business have to realize that customers are very busy and are unable to take out the time and solidary place to make a phone call. This is why there is a dire need for a textual service to be offered by your company to it clients. This may include e-mails, live chats, and social media enquiries. WeDes offers you the most appropriate, quick, and expedient replying and support services for emails queries, live chat messages and social media enquires along with email marketing services to guide customers at every touch point. You can choose our non-voice support services for most convenient and fast communication with better customer engagement rate. Non Voice Support services are developed to make your online visitors stay engaged for long and connect to message.

Non Voice Support

Chat Support
Email Support
Data Entry
Content Moderation

Customers get real-time assistance while they are browsing your website. This reduces support time drastically. The real-time assistant also helps customers make decisions on whether to make a purchase or not.

You have an opportunity to convert website visitors to customers. There is also scope for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. Chat support is the perfect tool to help boost your website’s conversions.

Email has become the chief method of communication between your customers and your business. Everything from feedback emails to queries can be the subject of these emails. Your business needs strong e-mail support services to ensure your customers get a fast response from you and are satisfied with the resolution provided.

In order to focus on their core competencies and functions, businesses have started to outsource their data entry and other backend functions to BPO companies. It is crucial to the functioning of every organization that these services are carried out in a timely and accurate manner.

We work with publishers for eBook conversions as well as handle data entry.

Our team works around the clock as per your timing to provide real-time data entry service customized to your needs.

We have the capability to handle data by large volumes and deliver it in a timely manner.

We perform data entry for catalogs of various products across multiple industries.

Data entry of products updates of various e-commerce companies across a wide range of products.

On Internet websites which invite users to post comments, links, images, videos and just about any form of user input, moderation is a big concern. Content moderation is the method the site provider or webmaster chooses to sort contributions which are irrelevant, obscene, illegal or insulting with regards to useful or informative contributions and here comes the importance of content moderation services.

Various types of Internet sites permit user input, such as Internet forums, blogs, social networking sites and news sites powered by scripts such as phpBB, a Wiki, or PHP-Nuke. Depending on the site’s content and intended audience, the host site will decide what kinds of user comments are appropriate and then delegate the responsibility of sifting through site contents to moderators. These moderators will attempt to eliminate trolling, spamming, or flaming, although this varies widely from site to site.

NBFC Call Center Support

The NBFC or Non-Banking Financial Service sector outsource is seeing a major boom in recent times. There are many new start-ups that are entering this sector, recognizing the demand in the market for micro-loans and other finance-related products. Regardless of the size or customer base of these organizations, their basic functions remain the same. Their interactions with their customers in some way or another, also remain the same. Another common thread between all these organizations is their growing need for call center services to help them with their several processes. Outsourcing their various processes to a call center helps these companies keep their focus on their core objectives and allows them to divert their resources on other critical functions. We offer a range of call center services for NBFC that help them with everything from onboarding new customers to handling customer complaints.

Call Center Support for NBFC

Debt Collection
Customer Support
Backend Support
Customer Acquisition and Onboarding

Debt collection services are crucial for all finance companies regardless of their size. With a growing trend of micro-loan companies and mobile apps that provide loans and financing, debt collection services are becoming the need of the hour.

We offer debt collection or loan recovery services that help micro-finance startups, as well as established finance companies, reduce their losses due to bad loans or defaulters. Our cost-effective services are available 24/7 and suitable for all your business needs.

For any organization with a growing customer base, providing good customer support is crucial for the sake of retaining those customers and ensuring repeat business. The same is true for NBFCs that need to offer their customers support on every platform they can be on.

WeDes multichannel customer support services for NBFC provides 24/7 support to your customers via phone, chat, email and social media. Our cost-effective and customizable solutions are exactly what a fast scaling company requires to ensure smooth customer support.

Whether you are a peer to peer lending service or a micro-loan provider, all NBFCs have a ton of backend work that needs to be processed. Everything from loan applications to insurance payment requests come in every day that needs to be carefully handled by attentive professionals to assure a smooth-running operation of your company.

WeDes backend support services for NBFC can help reduce the load of these procedures and allows your company’s resources to focus better on their core tasks. Our services provide necessary assistance to your company in order to better process your customers’ requests and ensure a better customer experience.

With a booming growth and competition in the NBFC sector, each and every one of these companies has a need for a service that can help them acquire more new customers and help onboard them onto their platforms. This is true because most of these NBFC startups are app-based and need customers to install their apps and sign up successfully.

At WeDes, we successfully help companies in the non-banking financial sector acquire new customers to grow their base across India as well as internationally. Our team of call center specialists ensure that the entire onboarding process goes over smoothly without any inconvenience for your customers.


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